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Behind the scenes: My Equipment

I often get asked what I use for lighting and remote triggers, etc. so I thought it would be useful to list it here along with links to where it can be bought.

[The prices and links are valid as of June 2018]


I have 3 of the Yongnuo Flash Speedlite YN-560 II flashguns.

They have more than enough power for studio use. I usually have the keylight in a softbox on half power and shoot at f8 at ISO100.

They have now been replaced by the YN-560 III, with built-in wireless triggers (which are available for £36.39 each from Amazon at )

or the YN-560 IV (also available from Amazon at )

Radio Triggers

I have 4 of the Yongnuo RF-603 Radio Triggers. Each one can act as either a transmitter or receiver, so you need one more than the number of flashguns you want to trigger.

They are £21 per pair from at


I have a 120cm/47″ Octagon Softbox with grid These are currently £33 on

I also use 2 rectangular 60x90cm Softboxes with Grids. They are currently £28 each on

Flash holder/light stand adapter

To attach the softbox and flash to a light stand, I use an Adjustable Flash Shoe/Umbrella Mount/Holder/Bracket. These are currently only £3 on

Remote Cable Release

To trigger the camera remotely (to avoid camera shake) and also to use for taking time lapse sequences, I use the TetherTools CaseAir trigger which works via a smartphone. This is currently £175 from

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